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Volunteer Training

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

Whether you are just curious or absolutely positive your want to make a positive impact on the lives of children, please join us for our Volunteer Training. You will learn the ins and outs of our programs as well as get to experience it first hand. All past and future volunteers are required to attend

HorsePowered Life Skills – Resetting Our Emotions

Just like humans, no two horses share the same temperament or personality. Your child also has a unique emotional language. Our goal is to help your child find strategies that transform his behavior from self-sabotaging to constructive. Your child will engage with horses in an environment designed to develop self-control and reset her emotions in

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Life Skills – “Courage Doesn’t Always Roar.”

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes it neighs." We believe every child can be the hero of his own story. We use observation and equine-assisted activities to change challenges into opportunities for emotional stability.  Your child will see her inner strength as she works through productive struggles while partnered with a horse. Target skills: regulating emotions,

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HorsePowered Math – Grades K-3 Only

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

Your child will improve math skills critical to success while participating in various interactive activities - partnered with a horse -  taking place on the ground. Our equine-assisted programs emphasize

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Old West Days

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

Experience the Old West with activities designed to immerse children in hands-on experiences. Our learning centers include — making delicious treats for horses, learning to braid a horse’s mane, team activities, and unique horse-themed arts and crafts. Ages:  Four to seven Maximum:  16 participants Choose only one time to attend:  July 6 from 9:00 to

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HorsePowered Reading – Grades K-3 ONLY

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

Help your child progress towards true reading mastery. Our program allows your child to learn critical reading concepts through one-on-one interaction and group activities. This program includes various activities that

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HorsePowered Life Skills – Horse Crazy Kids

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

Does your child love everything about horses? Are they completely horse crazy? If so, we have a program that will introduce them to fun facts about horses. Your child will learn about the different horse breeds, their various colorings, and preferred habits. Your child will also participate in a variety of horse activities for kids.

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HorsePowered Life Skills – Back to School Challenges & Opportunties

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney

Making their child’s transition to school easier is every parent’s priority. Your child may feel excited about going back to school. However, there may also be anxiety about new teachers, a different environment, or even a curriculum they perceive as too difficult. Our "Back to School" program partners with a horse to become a “living”

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