HorsePowered Group Educational Programs

Our HorsePowered Group Educational Programs

Our HorsePowered equine-assisted programs take learning to a new level with a whole-body learning approach which emphasizes individual learning styles and challenges.  According to Georgia Southern University, teachers utilize whole body learning when they strive to engage students in multiple ways; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your child will have the opportunity to complete all activities on the ground (no riding).  No prior horse experience is required.  Your child will be interacting and learning with horses in a fun and sensory oriented environment.

Group programs are limited to six (6) participants per group.

All programming (individual & group) will begin in April and ending in mid-November – weather permitting.

Recommended for ages seven (7) and up.

HorsePowered Reading

HorsePowered Reading is a research-based curriculum developed by Dr. Michele Pickel in 2012. Her one-of-a-kind program combines equine-assisted learning with the best educational practice to engage your child's mind, body and emoting.  Dr. Pickel utilized the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) model while developing her program.

Students practice reading, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary skills in a corral with various props and toys being used to visualize their individual learning obstacles.  As your child interacts with horses, a certified teacher, and trained volunteers, he or she will discover new ways to break through social and emotional barriers.

This curriculum offers the following benefits:

  • Each lesson is tailored to the individual student in a way which engages the whole body.
  • Research shows whole body learning designed to engage your child's kinesthetic and sensory modes of learning dramatically improves his ability to retain important academic skills. In other words, your child is seeing, touching, and interacting with what he is learning in a way which uses many different areas of his brain. 
  • Your child will improve her motivation, confidence and critical thinking while learning critical academic skills.
Recommended for ages seven (7) and up.

Group size is limited to six (6) participants. Please be assured we will tailor the session to meet your child's individual reading struggles.

If you would like more information on Horse Powered Reading or to become a certified facilitator, please visit the following website,

HorsePowered Book Clubs

This program goes beyond reading and answering standard “comprehension" and “vocabulary" questions.  This unique Book Club is centered around “Literacy Circle" concepts.

Small groups of students gather together to discuss a book in depth. The discussion is guided by students' response to what they have read. You may hear talk about events and characters in the book, the author's craft, or personal experiences related to the story.

HorsePowered Book Clubs provide a way for students to engage in critical thinking and reflection as they read, discuss, and respond to books. Collaboration is at the heart of this approach. Students reshape and add onto their understanding as they construct meaning with other readers.

The Book Clubs meet four consecutive weeks for 1.5 hours.  Each Book Club focuses on a different book and different reading levels.

HorsePowered Math

HorsePowered Math was developed by Nancy Lyon after years of working with youth as an educator at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center. Her approach builds upon the principles Dr. Michele Pickel used to develop Horse Powered Reading. Your child will work in a corral setting and all the work is done on the ground using various toys/props to visualize individual learning obstacles.

A whole-body learning approach is used in a way which allows your child to break through any social, emotional, or behavioral barriers which may be hindering her learning. You know your child is an awesome learner and we do, too!

Use this program to help your child develop the following math skills:

  • Memorizing facts
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Discovering Patterns
  • Story Problems

Don't be surprised if your child acquires many more math skills along the way! Also be prepared to see your child grow in her motivation, confidence, and critical thinking.

Group size is limited to six (6) students per group.

Recommended for seven (7) and up.

Please be assured we tailor the lesson to your child's individualized needs.

HorsePowered Life Skills – Stable Relationships

Does your child struggle with social, emotional, behavioral skills?  Are you looking for a program which will help your child develop life skills in a supportive environment? We offer a unique six-week program, “Stable Relationships."

This program harnesses the incredible power of horses to equip youth with positive character traits and leaderships skills needed for school, work, and life through social and emotional learning activities. The program focuses on a different skill set each week.

Youth will be partnered with a specific horse for the duration of the course and participate in a variety of ground-based activities (no riding) to develop the following skills, but not limited to:

  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Relationships
  • Creative Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Resilience

Group size is limited to five (5) participants.

Facilitators include a certified school counselor and trained staff/volunteers.

Recommended for grades 5 and up.


Each program is subsidized by grants, local businesses and private donations. No one pays full price for the awesome privilege of having a horse or two help your child successfully overcome the social, emotional, behavioral and educational challenges in life.

Program fees vary according to programs and available grants to offset program costs.

We do understand that some families may be experiencing financial hardship.  We do have a Program Assistance Program available. Please apply using this link.

Before David participated in the HorsePowered Life Skills program, if he was told “no”, he would turn on tears. Now, when he starts to cry (after being told “no”) I ask him what the horses would say. He is able to calm himself down and says “ok” on a more consistent basis.


The horses taught me that I always have to be ready to go to Plan B.


Age 7

Tara (age 12) started the first day speaking in a very soft, mumbling voice. By the end of the program, Tara was using her firm and clear voice with confidence.


It was truly amazing to see how the program helped my son’s confidence grow and how his attitude of being willing to learn improved. The horses know exactly how to respond to each child.


It was interesting to see how my child would take a directive from a horse and not throw a temper-tantrum.


My son, Corey, (age 7) now proudly boasts that he is now the second-best reader in the class.


My son, Bryson, really struggled in Kindergarten and was falling behind in school after my husband deployed. We discovered this unique program and decided to give it a try even though it meant driving over one hour one way. After the first three days of the summer program, we noticed a positive change in his behavior. We chose to continue with the fall programs. As a result Bryson was less stressed and anxious about school. In fact, he was pretty excited to start 1st grade.


My son and I have been given a tool box full of tools through equine-assisted learning programs. We now have vocabulary and references we can use to help remind one another to be focused, check our surroundings, remain calm, use a firm voice…


Ryan struggles with math. He participated in the HorsePowered Reading and Math programs and that helped him relax. He learned responsibility. He enjoyed being in charge and getting the horse to do what he wanted. I have seen a lot of the skills (that Ryan learned from their unique programs) translates into his day to day life. Ryan, now, takes more responsibility by getting himself ready for school. He doesn’t need prompting and takes the initiative to finish his homework.


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