How Equine-Assisted Learning Breaks Through Barriers

We all want to live our best lives. But sometimes anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, or self-defeating behavior can hold us back. Many of us may feel trapped and unsure how to start a pathway to healing. Equine-assisted learning is a ground-breaking alternative  which deals with many emotional and behavior issues using guided interactions with horses.

We focus our serviced toward children, youth and families. Equine-assisted learning has been shown to be effective across diverse and varying backgrounds.

We have found that using horses in an outside environment helps participants overcome emotional, behavioral, social and education challenges in their personal lives.  Horses offer participants a non-judgmental approach to identifying and working through their own emotional blocks.

Participants interact with horses while completing all activities on the ground in an outdoor corral while working with certified educators, equine specialists and trained volunteers.

Because we are not a riding facility, no previous horse experience is needed.

Some of the valuable and life-altering benefits you may experience include:

  • *Healthier coping mechanisms for overcoming fear, anxiety and depression.
  • *Developing positive communication skills.
  • *Growth in self-confidence.
  • *Stronger problem-solving skills.
  • *The ability to identify, process and heal from depression and anxiety.

Why Horses?

Horses are large and powerful animals with a keen sense of observation. They are naturally wired to constantly scan their environment for any threats from predators.  Their very survival requires them to be able to detect intent in their environment. A horse knows the difference between a sleeping mountain lion and one that is pretending to sleep.

Because of this heightened sense of awareness, horses are able to sense someone's true  inner feelings – even if the person is unable to put these feelings in to words.  The horse's ability to  to mirror a person's inner emotional state is honest and authentic. When a person carries emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression or frustration is seen through the horse's reactions to the person's subtle body language. For example, a horse may react to a person's anger though shying away or becoming agitated.

When the inside of the person matches the outside, the horse relaxes and is more cooperative. As a result, courage and trust are developed to carry these behaviors and attitudes changes from inside the corral to situations outside the arena.

Our Mission

Connecting with horses to facilitate growth, learning, and healing in individuals, families, and groups.

What We Do

LyonHeart Equine Assisted Learning is a donation-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Kearney, Nebraska.

EIN: 47-411145

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes it neighs."

Our focus is to help participants develop the skills needed to overcome social, emotional, behavioral, and educational challenges in life while interacting with horses, certified educational professionals, and equine specialists.