Stable Relationships

Stable Relationships

If you’re having difficulty connecting with your child or are experiencing a lot of stress in your home because of conflict, this program will help you navigate this time and work to build a healthy relationship with your child.

As a parent, you’ll experience on-the-ground activities (no riding) with a horse that will give you the opportunity to learn empathy, conflict management, and communication skills.

You are welcome to participate by yourself or with your child (Kindergarten and up).

To receive maximum benefit, it is best to book individual/family sessions in sets of three.


  • $10 one-time registration fee per child. This applies to all participants.
  • Individual/Private Sessions (45 minutes)
  • $270 – Set of 3 (45-50 minute) sessions  
  •  15% discount when paying in advance for 6 sessions ($460)
  • $120 – Set of 3 (45-50 minute) sessions – Partial scholarship                  
  • No cost (after $10 initial registration fee) – Set of 3 (45-50 minute) sessions – if receiving a full scholarship

Before David participated in the HorsePowered Life Skills program, if he was told “no”, he would turn on tears. Now, when he starts to cry (after being told “no”) I ask him what the horses would say. He is able to calm himself down and says “ok” on a more consistent basis.


The horses taught me that I always have to be ready to go to Plan B.


Age 7

Tara (age 12) started the first day speaking in a very soft, mumbling voice. By the end of the program, Tara was using her firm and clear voice with confidence.


It was truly amazing to see how the program helped my son’s confidence grow and how his attitude of being willing to learn improved. The horses know exactly how to respond to each child.


It was interesting to see how my child would take a directive from a horse and not throw a temper-tantrum.


My son, Corey, (age 7) now proudly boasts that he is now the second-best reader in the class.


My son, Bryson, really struggled in Kindergarten and was falling behind in school after my husband deployed. We discovered this unique program and decided to give it a try even though it meant driving over one hour one way. After the first three days of the summer program, we noticed a positive change in his behavior. We chose to continue with the fall programs. As a result Bryson was less stressed and anxious about school. In fact, he was pretty excited to start 1st grade.


My son and I have been given a tool box full of tools through equine-assisted learning programs. We now have vocabulary and references we can use to help remind one another to be focused, check our surroundings, remain calm, use a firm voice…


Ryan struggles with math. He participated in the HorsePowered Reading and Math programs and that helped him relax. He learned responsibility. He enjoyed being in charge and getting the horse to do what he wanted. I have seen a lot of the skills (that Ryan learned from their unique programs) translates into his day to day life. Ryan, now, takes more responsibility by getting himself ready for school. He doesn’t need prompting and takes the initiative to finish his homework.


Enrollment is limited, so register today.