Equine Escape Rooms

Pony Express Book Club & Escape Room Combo

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney, NE

Travel back in time and relive the adventures of Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express by Eleanor Coerr. This adventure will be a unique experience - combining a book club discussion to discover clues to the puzzles along the route each of the four weeks.

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Equine Escape Room – Party Poopers

LyonHeart 3135 West 22nd St., Kearney, NE

A beautiful party has been all set up for you and your friends.  But, oh no, some party poopers crashed the party and hid all the treats. You and your friends will have to search high and low to find clues to find the missing treats. But can you - with the help of your horse buddies - before it is time to go home?

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